Saturday, 27 February 2010

Waferslim 1.0 released

This major release supports fitnesse release 2010-01-03 and slim protocol v0.1:

  • Added support for delegating from fixture to system under test with fixture.sut()

  • Added support for library fixtures

  • Added EchoFixture for use as a library fixture

  • Added support for HashMarkup dicts

  • Added StopTestException and handling

  • Dynamic module loading no longer the default: fixed bug 497245 (unable to import twisted)

  • Added support for complex variable substitution: fixed problem with e.g. $id$subid

  • Updated TableTableConstants to add cell_ignore() and cell_report()

  • Added from_string() and to_string() functions to waferslim.converters

  • Tweaked method name invocation so that leading underscores in method names are no longer expected if the fitnesse cell value contains Upper Case Values

  • Added examples for all the new features

It's available from the usual places (Python cheese shop and Launchpad).

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