Friday, 20 February 2009

Lancelot 1.0RC2 available

Python3 and 2.5 packages are available at the Python Cheese Shop Here are the release details, taken from the launchpad release summary:

This release is intended to be the last before the final 1.0 release. It includes:
  • a Spec class to allow BDD-style specifications (given, when, then...) to be made about the behaviour of an object instance or standalone-function (e.g. should_be, should_contain, should_raise, should_collaborate_with)
  • a MockSpec class to allow collaborations with other object instances to be specified
  • an @verifiable function decorator to allow specifications to be verified
  • an @grouping class decorator to allow specifications to be logically grouped together
  • a verify() function to use when verifying one or all verifiable specifications
  • a number of Comparable classes to use in specifications
  • example code to illustrate the various features
  • package, class and method docstrings
  • a comprehensive set of specifications for the specification classes themselves

Changes made since rc1 are generally minor:
  • new MockResult class has been added, to clarify will_return() behaviour and allow will_raise() statements
  • new @grouping class decorator has been added, to allow @verifiable specifications to be logically grouped together
  • fail_fast option has been added to verify() function
  • it() method has been added to Spec class
  • there's been a general tidying-up of code, docstrings and specs to keep pylint score above 9.0 and pycoverage at 99%

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